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Mostly of the cases, garage doors are heavy. In domestic houses, it is common that garage doors could be opened by hand, but in some cases, they aren’t that light. People want safety, and garage doors that are able to provide you safety are commonly heavy. Some families are used to open them by hand, but there are those who can’t, and that’s why they require the help of a garage door opener. Some people have them just because of the comfort and because they are really useful. They are designed to open your garage door as smoothly as it could be opened. Here at Garage door Service Maple Valley we can service and install any kind of garage door opener, even repair them and put them to work in no time, if the solution is possible. Maple Valley Garage Door Service has a lot of services related to garage doors, and openers are not an exception. If you start to feel that your opener needs maintenance or reparation, contact us before the problem gets worse.

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Garage Door Service in Maple Valley

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

If you have industrial, commercial or residential garage doors, you might need one chain drive opener. That kind of garage door provides a quality security system for your business, but they are really heavy to be opened by man, and even for normal openers. Chain drive garage door openers are well known to be strong enough to open a heavy garage door without problems, but they might produce sound in the process.

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Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

A belt drive garage door opener is your best choice if you have a domestic garage door. Those garage doors are usually not that heavy, and can be opened with a simple garage door opener. Why are they good? Because they can open your garage door smoothly, without making any loudly sound.

Shaft Drive Opener

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If you have a small garage, and having space is something really important, a shaft drive garage door opener is what you need. It can be used without requiring a lot of space.

We, Maple Valley Garage Door Service, want you to enjoy the best in products and services related to garage doors. WE are able to provide you with the best services not only in installing garage door openers, but also repairing and replacing them. That’s right, if you want to replace the whole opener system, we can do it for you. There’s no need that we cannot fulfill. If you feel that your garage door opener is starting to act weird, don’t lose more time, contact us and we will check it and repair it for you. Remember this, our technicians are experts, professionals trained and equipped with the latest technology to provide a perfect service. Your satisfaction is mandatory and we want you to enjoy with a well installed opener. Contact us and enjoy the help of our experts and get the best quality products you might get.

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