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New Garage Doors

At Maple Valley Garage Door Repair we are really proud of or treating with clients. We want them to enjoy all our services and products, and we want them to have the best possible product for them. Our clients’ satisfaction is something really important to us. We don’t want them to buy something just because of the price or the look of the garage door; we want them to do that, thinking about what they need the most. Maple Valley Garage Door Repair provides our customers with information and advices about our products. They also guide them to choose the best garage door for them, with the material they should get for their house. We also have a great variety of materials to be used, from steel, wood and even plastic garage doors; we have everything you might need. If you are looking for a garage door, visit our store or contact us via phone or web, and enjoy our warranted products.

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Domestic Aluminum Garage doors

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Service Maple Valley offers and supplies a huge amount of different materials. Here are some of them:

  • Steel, the strongest material. Used for safety, durability and protection purposes. They are most commonly used in commercial, industrial and residential places.
  • Wood, the classic material for garage doors. Those are the most commonly used in domestic garage doors, they provide safety and are lighter than steel garage doors, and can be customized to look good, and improve the appeal of your house.
  • Aluminum, a material not commonly used by people, but popular with certain kind of groups. They are lighter than wood and steel, and provide with a great level of safety.
  • Plastic garage doors, they are the lightest option in the market, and the rarest. Recently, plastic garage doors are getting really popular between people.
Wooden domestic garage door
Heavy Material Garage Doors


There are people that usually buy a new garage door without thinking about function, and just buy them because it looks good and just that. Some people buy them because of the materials used in the garage door, like glass and steel. They have to learn that a garage door is not only about the attractiveness of the garage door, but how it fits your needs. At Maple Valley Garage Door Repair, we will advice you in that case. You will get the garage door you need the most, and it will look good in your house. We are also able to provide you with your dreamed garage door. You can create, design and customize a garage door using the materials you want, and we will make sure to make it for you, and install it in your house.

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Good Garage Door

A house might be bore if you don’t have a garage door that fits with it. A house appeal might considerable increase if you choose to invest in a good garage door. The entryway of the garage is something really important to a house, and it attracts the looks of the people in your neighbourhood. If someday you decide to sell your house, that garage door might help you out to sell it.

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Shapes and Colors

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Panel Desing of Garage Door
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