Broken Springs

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Broken spring repairing of garage doors

Oh, garage door springs. They sustain and keep your garage door working. But, we all know that having problems with springs is something really common. In fact, springs are the most common problems in garage doors, since they have a lifetime, and when the time has come, they start to give some problems. You might think that a spring is not something really important, but it is. It can jam your whole system if you are not careful. Of course, we know what to do when a spring is giving problems. Springs have to be changed every time in a while. At Maple Valley Garage Door Repair we want you to enjoy the best quality, not only of garage doors and openers, but also with springs.

Maple Valley Garage Door Repair has some information about springs that might come handy to you, and your related ones. Springs have a lifetime that might change depending of the quality of the spring. Some workers that provide services to garage door usually use low quality springs, since they are cheaper and easy to get. Some of them use old or used garage door springs, and that is something that we cannot allow. We want you to enjoy the best service possible, and the best quality in products. Your whole garage door might get broken because of a rusted spring, and if you start to notice symptoms of a broken or rusted spring, contact us. We will replace it and provide you with the best quality spring, to ensure the life time of your garage door.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs repairing experts in Maple valley

It is really common for people to hire an inexpert worker to solve your problems. That’s something that might solve your problems, and even solve them without mistakes. But is a gamble that you don’t have to make. It is more common that inexpert workers make mistakes while they work, and those mistakes can lead to problematic situations where you will need to hire someone to solve your problems, again. If you want to enjoy a service provided by an expert, contact us. We will guarantee you a perfectly done job. If by any case we commit a mistake, don’t worry, we have warrantee for our products and services.

Never try to repair your garage door by yourself. As we already said, it might lead to a bad situation if you are not prepared to solve the problem by yourself. Also, don’t try to open your garage door constantly if you noticed that your garage door springs are making loudly noises whenever you open the garage door. It may cause a really bad situation and we want you to avoid that. Check the springs of your garage door and contact us if you think that your springs have to be replaced. Remember, it is better to make sure that the job is done by a professional, than done by an inexpert worker.

Extension Spring

Extension springs repairing of old garage doors

There’s no really big difference between normal springs and extensions springs. They are just larger than common springs, and they are used in small garage doors, since they fit perfectly with them. They have similar features, and they can get damaged with time. The symptoms are the same, loudly sounds whenever you open the garage door. Call your experts at Maple Valley Garage Door whenever you feel that you are having problems with a broken spring. They will replace and solve the situation really fast.

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